Solution: 2
Monday, 02 May 2011 19:21

The teams have collected three disks and some instructions in the previous 4 puzzles. The disks, inspired by the famous Enigma, can basically decode every letter to any other letter. However, the teams were given the starting configuration and the way of rotating the disk (we're not in Bletchley Park :P). In order not to have a purely mechanical puzzle, there was a small streak of confusion interwoven: what is odd and what is even? Many teams have tried out A=odd, B=even before concluding that it has to do with the position of the letter in the message. Turning the disks the correct way gives SOME BENCH, WEST OF A ONE TWO.

PS: You can use the disks to encode and decode any text of yours now when communicating over HTTP instead of HTTPS:).

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