Solution: 3
Monday, 02 May 2011 19:40

Every first name starts with a chemical symbol of an element in the periodic table (teams were given one). Female names code two-letter symbols, whereas male names code single-letter symbols. This was not a crucial thing to notice though, as in the case of doubt (C/Co,...) the movement described below works for the correct element only.

The rest of each sentence is funny: every word starts with u,d,l,r ... up,down,left,right. If we follow the instructions and travel in the table from the starting element, we come to another element in the table. The symbols don't build up any reasonable sentence though. Let's look at their atomic number: it has always two digits. A hint in the puzzle says "Cloe, like Uma, regards digit doublets disjointly." If we use the first digit as a word index and the other as a letter index in the respective sentence, we get SCHWARZENBERGTURM.