Keen on orienteering and geocaching?

Do you enjoy solving puzzles in your free time?

Do you think that high IQ is not everything?

Have you assembled your own copy of Enigma in your cellar?

Is brainstorming your favorite weather condition?


This game is a whole-day puzzle hunt through the Saarland Uni campus, nearby forests, and parts of Saarbrücken.

Any team of 3-5 people can take part. All fields of study are welcome.



The third UdS puzzle hunt started on Sunday, November 25 2012 at 10:00 and 9 teams played it.

The initial puzzles were located around the university campus and the game then continued through Rotenbühl and Am Homburg to the center of Saarbrücken. The teams had to solve 10 puzzles altogether, 3 of them forming an initial circle.

The de facto winner of the game is team vivere est solvere, who managed to get nearly to the end. Congrats!


The game was brought to you by Bea & Martin.

Teaser in the Mensa: A solution
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 18:30

As in the previous years, you can find a teasing demo puzzle lying on tables in the Mensa. We hope the sheet of starts and circles has improved your digestion... but there's more to it. Longing for a solution?



Mensa puzzle





The picture clearly suggests the solar system (the new one, with 8 planets only). It's a letter picking game - the number of stars indicate which letter to pick from the respective name of the planet. The trajectories are then reordered by the number written besides them.


(The demo was heavily inspired by the last year's puzzle 1&)

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