Solution: 4
Thursday, 29 November 2012 13:49

The text contains two pairs of paragraphs describing the travels of a man and a woman. Suspiciously, each pair has the same number of sentences. Next, one has to realize that there is a single compass direction in every sentence (nearly always written explicitly; sometimes based on the context, as in "the opposite direction" for example).

Having 22 pairs of directions and not having used flag semaphores  in the game yet, now it's the time to use it. The man and the woman represent one of the hands of the semaphore. However, the obtained letters are non-sense...

For that, one needs to look at the last paragraph and draw the movement of the woman: she moves like "3". As the very last sentence tells us, this is the key. We can shift all letters by 3 (Caesar's cipher) to get the final solution ROTENBUEHLTREPPE CHURCH.

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